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Seeing “Clearly”

If you are one of the dwindling number of people that still read and read a lot, Evernote’s “Clearly” is a browser add-on that you will love.   Clearly will take a webpage, blog, etc, and with a quick click of the mouse, eliminate all the distractions, such as the pop up windows, adds, frames and hand you the article in one seamless page.  Clearly gives you choices of text size and page layout.

Here is a sample of what Clearly does.  The first picture is a snapshot of a CNN article I wanted to read.

The next picture is a snapshot of the article after using Clearly.

Same webpage, same article.  Add “Clearly” to you browser.  You won’t be sorry.

If you aren’t using Evernote yet for your online research you should.  Check it out.

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