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Quantum Entanglements

In high school,  WAY back when, my understanding of the Bohr model of the atom as a planetary model worked well enough for me to understand the periodic table in Chemistry and grasp the basics of fission and fusion in Physics.  Things got fuzzier when I moved on into the electrical world, valence electrons and the concept that electrons are “point-particles” whose size, shape and structure are irrelevant. Enter quantum mechanics.

At this point I’ll stop pretending I know much of anything about Quantum Physics and just report another fun discovery in the world of Physics: Quantum Entanglements.   Quantum Entanglement is a theory that subatomic particles can become “entangled” or linked so that even if separated by huge distances, an action performed on one will effect the other, instantaneously.

Einstein thought the idea of Quantum Entanglements were “spooky at a distance” and disagreed with the theory.  Regardless, Quantum Entanglements have been produced experimentally, but, (until recently) only at the microscopic level.   Back in April it was reported that scientist Noriyuki Lee of the University of Tokyo actually teleported a packet of light waves using entangled particles.

Recently, scientists at  England’s University of Oxford succeeded in entangling two macroscopic diamonds on a tabletop at room temperature.  Think about it:  performing an action on one of the diamonds effected the other diamond at the same time!  It boggles my mind.  ”Beam me up, Scotty”!   We may never be able to transport physical objects, but I can imagine some amazing changes in communications and computer speeds.

Coupled with what’s been happening at CERN   concerning Faster Than Light Neutrinos, the universe may really be opening up to us!

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