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Keeping Your Eye On The Ball?

Highly trained and skilled fighter jockeys have been using Heads-Up-Displays or HUD for several decades.  HUD gives pilots a transparent intrumentation panel that allows them to keep their visual viewpoint on what’s going on outside of the cockpit while feeding them altitude, gunsights, pitch, roll, airspeed, etc, without looking down at a panel inside the cockpit.

General Motors has been tinkering with HUD in their automobiles since 1988.  Seems like a good idea, rather than drivers trying to shift focus down and around to locate the name of that song playing on Sirius or where they are at on the dashboard GPS.

Surgeons have also been using HUD to assist in the operating room.   HUD allows the surgeons to “simultaneously view the patient and the patient’s vital parameters (ECG, blood pressure, etc.) using vision-through over a wireless net, potentially enhancing the speed, accuracy and safety of surgical decisions.”

Now the geeks in the consumer world will be able to purchase their own stylish HUD eyeglasses that will allow them to view their email, videos, or read my blog while sitting in the classroom or walking down the street.  And no one will be the wiser!  How neat is that.

Some people are voicing disdain  for the device because it may be dangerously distracting to people, but haven’t we already proven we can safely multitask while using our cellphone to call or text while driving?

Besides, I see the potential for epic new FAIL videos being produced on Youtube, as people walk into lampposts, each other or trees.

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