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Creating Disposable Email Addresses

Some of the worst spamming incidents I have ever suffere were from online  product purchases.  I have  actually closed 2 email accounts because the spam got so bad.   For the past several years I’ve used a “trash” email account I created just for online registrations.  That way I won’t have to notify my hundreds of family, friends, and accomplices of a change of address if I get a new spam attack.

Now I don’t even have to use the trash account.  I’ve found 2  sites that let you create an email address (or addresses) instantly.

Mailinator will let you create a  trash email on the fly, anytime you need one.  Inboxes will be created for each email address when mail comes in for them.  NO MORE SPAM.

10MinuteEmail does just what the name implies…it creates an email address that only lasts for 10 minutes and is then deleted.

Mind you, if your wicked thought processes lean towards nefarious uses of email services, you cannot send email from these disposable addresses.

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