Did You Know?

If you are a FaceBook socialite,  you have access to a free online version of Microsoft Office (lite?).  Once you are in FB, type “Docs” in the Search bar.  Thanks, Carmen, for the tip!   Be sure to tell your students.

How many passwords to you have to keep track off?  I have 50 or so.  I used to keep them in an encrypted excel spreadsheet.  But now I use something better.  It’s called Keepass  and it’s free.  

  • Keepass is MasterKey protected, meaning you must first enter a password to access the database.   I use a 23 character MasterKey password that is based on the first letter of each word of lines of a song I like, with 4 special characters thrown in.
  • Keepass is multi-user, so if your spouse or kids use your PC they can each create their own MasterKey protected database.
  • Although you may enter your old passwords Keepass automatically creates unique 256 bit encrypted passwords for each new entry.
  • Once you have Keepass setup, all you have to do to sign into a website is go to the site’s sign-in page and press Crtl-Alt-A.  You will not even need to hit “Enter”.
  • I have Keepass set up on my home and office PC, my droid pad (XOOM) and my HTC droid  cell phone.
  • I also carry a portable version on a flashdrive so that I can access my passwords in the lab or library.
  • Keepass is available for iPads, iPhones and Blackberrys also.
I know I’ve suggested this before, but Netvibes.com  is another very useful, powerful and free piece of utility software.  I use tabs to categorize my personal blogs, my personal websites, and a few other website categories.  I use its “Bookmarks” widget to bookmark websites, rather than the browsers, because it lets me add comments and multiple tags to each link.  I use the GMail widget to automatically check for new email without my having to login to GMail.
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