Rising Star 2012 …Deuxième Partie

Our second week of Rising Stars was as exciting as the first week.

The weather cooperated all week and Friday’s launchings were almost perfect.

The Mansfield News Journal came out and took photos this  week.   Click here for the link.

I  would like to thank Greg Timberlake, Dean of Business, Industry, and Technology DivisionJim Hull, Dean of Health Sciences Division, and Lynn Damberger, Assistant Professor of Digital Media, for their presentations to the Rising Stars.

And a special thanks to everyone who worked so hard this year to make Rising Stars another success:

Crystal Escalera – Director of Rising Stars

Keith Strickler -Alternative Energy Teacher

Gary Wood – Physics Teacher

Rick Karsmizki – Robot Teacher

Brian Baldridge – Robot Teacher

Pat Storms – Volunteer

And most of all…thank you, Linda Nicol, for your unswerving attention to detail.  Without your help Rising Stars would not have made it off the ground this year!


Rising Stars 2012

Wow!  We finished first Rising Stars Engineering Camp last Friday and started with our second group of  forty 7th & 8th graders this morning.

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R.I.P. Ray Bradbury

Science Fiction author Ray Bradbury has passed away at age 91.   His most famous S.F. work was Fahrenheit 451 which was also produced as a movie.  I far as I’m concerned, Mr. Bradbury was the last of a generation.  He ranks in the the top 4 Sci-Fi writers of the 20 Century along with Sir Arthur C. Clarke, The “Dean of Sci-Fi”Robert A. Heinlein and Mr. Robotics – Isaac Asimov.

Although most well known for his book burning future in Fahrenheit 451, my favorite Bradbury inspired movie was “The Illustrated Man” starring Rod Stiger.    Some of the other films produced from Mr. Bradbury fiction include “Something Wicked This Way Comes”,  “It Came From Outer Space” (1953),  and the made for TV mini-series “The Martian Chronicles”, starring Rock Hudson.

He will be missed.

The Human Tool

Scientific American has an interesting article on the psychological differences between dogs and wolves.

Dogs, but not Wolves, use Humans as tools.


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The Carrington Event

History.com has an interesting article on the super solar storm that occurred in 1859.  It was named the “Carrington Event ” after the amateur astronomer that observed the sunspots, the flares that erupted, their earthly results and tied it all together.

Carrington Event

Beautiful Time Lapse Video of the Earth

This is a beautiful time-lapse video  of the Earth from the ISS set to the music “Walking on Air”.

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13,000 mph!

DARPA released results last week of the second flight of the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 that flew last summer at 13,000 mph or Mach 20!.  There is a nice video of the flight here.

Despite the fact that the 2nd flight was announced as a failure in August of 2011  DARPA engineers feel the flight was a success based on the fact that aerodynamic knowledge gained from the first flight allowed the craft to successfully recover from a roll caused by a shock wave that was 100 times more powerful than design parameters.

Read the DARPA release here.

In other space news, here are some amazing photos of the earth taken by the ISS’s new “Nightpod” camera.  Take a close look at the Aurora photo on the left.  I swear that looks like a cloaked Klington cruiser in the upper left.